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    (1) 系統自帶太陽能發電、充電及蓄電裝置,能夠自供電,無需提供外部供電電源,可隨時根據需要啟動和停止;

    (2)  實現無水清掃,無需清潔介質;

    (3)  清掃面積大,單程運行距離800-1000m;清掃效果好,清潔效率在95%以上;


    (4) 適應能力強,適用于屋頂、大棚、平原、丘陵、沙漠、湖面等多種區域和地形,控制系統整體的防護等級為IP65,可全天候工作;

    (5)  清掃部分采用由高分子材料制成的柔軟螺旋毛刷,不會損壞光伏組件表面的 鋼化玻璃;

    (6)  清掃時間、清掃次數可以根據不同的地域和季節設定;

    (7)  系統具備兩種運行方式:全自動遠程控制運行模式和就地人工控制運行模 式,兩種方式可相互切換;

    (8)  配備無線模塊,能實現遙控遙測功能;

    (9)  機械機構簡捷、可靠、運行穩定性強,產品整更換方便;


    (10) 設備部件標準化、模塊化,易于運輸、安裝和調試;

    (11) 經濟效益顯著,產品的投資約0.1-0.15元/W,有效提升發電效量6%-25%,約1-2年即可收回投資。

    (1) With solar power, charging and battery devices, and self power supply without external power supply, the system can be started or stopped whenever necessary;

    (2) Waterless cleaning without cleaning medium;

    (3) Larger cleaning area with 800-1000m one-way running distance, good cleaning effect as cleaning efficiency is above 95%;

    (4) Strong adaptability, suitable for roofs, greenhouses, plains, hills, deserts, lakes and other regions and terrain, the overall protection level of the control system is IP65, all-weather work;

    (5) Soft spiral brush made of polymer which will not damage the tempered glass on the surface of the PV module.

    (6) The cleaning time and frequency can be set according to different geographical and seasonal conditions;

    (7) The system has two modes of operation: fully remote control mode and local manual control mode, which allows switchover between each other;

    (8) Wireless module for the function of remote control and telemetry.                                 

    (9) Simple and reliable mechanical structure makes it stable in operation, and the product is easy to replace;     

    (10) Standardized and modular equipment components allow easy transportation, installation and commissioning.                                     

    (11) The economic benefits are significant, 0.1-0.15 yuan/W of investment on the product brings increase of 6% to 25% on power generation efficiency, and the investment can be recovered in about 1-2 years.

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